Our ‘ Starbucks Work Time ’ Independent Writing Block last spring.

Our ‘Starbucks Work Time’ Independent Writing Block last spring.


Welcome to Room C8

Visitors on September 18th will have the opportunity to see a College Prep-level 10th Grade English class. We are currently in the middle of our mini-unit on the Dead Poets, that is 25% of our larger Poetry Unit. Last class we watched most of the movie ‘Dead Poets Society’, and students will be analyzing 5 poems of their choice, using the TPCASTT Method, that are featured in the movie. Today, we finished the movie in the beginning of class and now we are looking at the major conflict in the film; Romanticism vs Realism. Students who successfully complete this mini-unit will also earn a Badge in my course!

You’ve got a couch?!? Yes! I have a variety of flexible seating options in my classroom because I value the importance of students feeling comfortable to take risks and personal responsibility of their learning. Couches and tables provide better alternatives to desks when it comes to group and independent work, and my students know that they can use any seating options they want when they are working on a group project or writing/reading on their own.

If you have any questions or want to follow up on this work at all, please feel free to contact me!