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#TeacherLife - Finding a PLN on Instagram

The meteoric rise of Instagram over the last few years is common knowledge. But if you look past the influencers, advertisements, and viral videos, you will find a thriving community of teachers posting daily inspiration, relatable content, and some awesome lesson ideas! Here are some steps on how you can join this community and find your personal learning network on your favorite social media platform.

Burst the Bubble! Becoming a Teacher Leader Outside of Your Classroom

Between lesson planning, managing classroom behaviors, and prepping exciting new content, it’s hard to think about expanding our responsibilities beyond those daily routines. However, there is no better way to Teach Better than to step out of the comfort zones of our classroom and find leadership roles in our larger teaching communities!

Setting the Stage: Experimentation in the Classroom

In This Post:
- If you create a space where your students feel confident and safe to experiment and challenge themselves, they will be your biggest cheerleaders as you begin to do the same!
- Keeping parents in the loop can make a lesson powerful in the classroom and even at home.
- Use interdisciplinary strategies to build more experimentation in the classroom. Collaboration is Key!

Create Your Own Breakout EDU or Escape Room Challenge

I think escape rooms and breakout EDU challenges are great ways to encourage teamwork, build a strong and positive classroom culture, and engage students with challenging ideas in a low-stress (but high-fun!) way. Over the last year, I’ve created my own version of a hybrid-Escape/Breakout Challenge that is very easy to transfer into your own classroom for any content!

Find Your Tribe: A conversation with two new teachers

Recently, two ‘Young Millennial’ teachers sat down for an awesome Google Hangout conversation to chat about how we built our Personal Learning Networks. Together, we wanted to share some of our experiences that have helped us find our tribe in these first few years of teaching!

Swimming Lessons: Diving into Blended Learning

Really implementing the best practices of blended and personalized learning in my classroom was going to take more than a mindset shift - it was going to take time and effort, and I was afraid of taking risks. This is something I’m still working on this every single day! This post is designed to meet YOU where you are, and give you strategies for your level of comfort - so let’s dive in!